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Chitkul is a small village in the district of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. It is said to be the last village inhibited by Indians near the Indo China Border, and even the roads of our country ends over here. Sangla the major town is approximately 28 kilometres away and located at an altitude of 3450 metres. The lofty peaks of the Himalayas, the orchids, meadows, brooks and the grasslands enhance the serenity of this heaven like place. The people who love hills must make this destination their abode at least for few days.

Why Visit Chitkul ?

The beauty of this town will be immortal forever. Chitkul is so very natural that the eyes get glued to everything around. The main point of interest is the houses of Chitkul made of slate and wooden planks with a small Buddhist temple and a tower adjacent to it. The famous Kagyupa temple at Chikul is highly valued for its oldest image of Shakyamuni Buddha. The tourists who stay at Chitkul for a day or two can even enjoy the sumptuous Punjabi food from ‘Hindusthan ka Akhri Dhaba’. Come and visit the place and you will have many reasons to stay back here for a quite some time.

How to Reach Chitkul

Shimla is the inception point to start your journey to Chitkul. Both cabs and buses are available from there. From there the next destination is Reckong Peo which also takes 3 hours to reach, and finally, from Reckong Peo a two and a half hour journey will drop you at Chitkul. The journey can be a little tiresome as the conditions of the roads in some areas are not so good. It is advisable for all tourists to carry a good amount of cash as there is no ATM facility during the travel and also fuel as petrol pumps are seldom. The nearest airport is Shimla.

Choice your Time to Visit Chitkul

The best time to get soaked into the serene beauty of the nature of Chitkul can be any as the weather conditions are favourable there. To enjoy a trip of a lifetime any of the following months can be chosen.

Chitkul in Monsoon (June-September)

The presence of humidity is a bit more in comparison to other months. It is also one of the best seasons to visit Chitkul

Chitkul in Winter (October-December)

If a person loves to travel during the months of winter, then, it is the right time to visit Chitkul as the temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the best seasons for enjoying the natural beauty of Chitkul.

Chitkul in Summer (March-May)

It is one of the best times to visit the last destination of India due to its pleasant temperature during the day with the perfect amount of humidity.

Chitkul in Summer (January-February)

It is the peak season in which the temperatures are in and around 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 78%.

Places to Visit in and Around Chitkul

  • Kagyupa Temple
  • Charang Pass
  • Sangla Valley
  • Baspa River
  • Bering nag Temple
  • Kamru Fort

Must Do Activities in Chitkul

  • Trekking

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