How to Enjoy Chamba Tour

Chamba is a beautiful place with abundant natural sights for nature lovers that have been conserved for years now. Chamba is an ancient town in Himachal Pradesh that is located on the banks of River Rabi.


Chamba is listed among the most beautiful cities Himachal Pradesh.It is one of those tourist places that exquisite and picturesque views of nature and its beauty. Apart from that, the Sub mountain range of Himalayas, makes Chamba rich in flora and fauna. If you are looking to take time off the daily city clutters.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy nature and its beauty in Champa is Camping. While camping in Chamba you can carry your own gear along with you or take any one of the several organised camps pitched in around the city. These Camps offer accommodation, a variety of activities and catering. Activities hiking, rafting, nature tours, and fishing are among the most famous. Most of these offer quality services and facilities. The trekking is a top thing to do here.


The adventure Camps you will find in Chamba are said to be quite cozy and are located in the great natural spots. Some of them are Camp Little Jaguar and MHE Himalayan Camp, both of them offers wide range of activities and adventures. For the best accommodation you can book the Camps, it is a small village of Chamba offering more than 20 tents for its visitors. The Village is surrounded by the silver oak forest and not only offer great picturesque views but also gives you the opportunity to explore various activities in the Camp.


Festivals/fairs of Chamba:


With green sites of hills and a quite good place for adventure camp, Chamba is famous for 11th century’s Hari Ram Temple of Lord Vishnu, shikara styled temples in classic forms Laxmi Narayan temple, colonial and local architecture fusion of Rang Mahal, bruising Museum, Akhand Chandi Palace, Bharmour, St.Andrew’s church and other 84 Ancient Temples. The city has its own sacred lake Mani Mahesh. If you are visiting the Chamba for the first time.


So, if you are looking to take a break from the regular hectic schedule of job and life and need a place to burst of your steam, Chamba is the ideal place to be. We offer numerous packages in accordance with your budget. SO, if you are an adventure lover, or the nature lover or you are just looking to explore and try plenty of new things then don’t wait and book your package with us now.


From some government handicrafts at rang mahalto chamba honey. Chamba includes a good range of shawls, chappals, leather works and it’s ever-famous rumal embroidery. Visit us to know more about

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