Dharamsala Off Beat

A popular destination among backpackers and tourists alike, the eminence of the pine shrouded hill station has been consistently gaining in momentum over the years and now the not so lazy town of dharamsala is bustling with visitors all the yearlong. If not for the HPCA stadium of the IPL fame, or the taunting trek to Triund, the tiny city of Dharamsala holds many elusive gems around it and the more one traverses its roads that are less travelled, greater are the chance one might realize that a mere one day itinerary might not satiate a seeker’s appetite.

Snuggled in the lap of the mighty Dhauladhars, its perennial spirit is reflected in flora and fauna it hosts. From the warm agrarian fields of the foothills to the pine/fir surrounded winding roads of the suburbs uphill, and with the mountains range standing a constant guard to the natural beauty of the town, which still holds the gist of the many traditions and communities that dwells here in this quite yet lively nook of the Himalayas.

Whether it be plate of momos or a woollen shawl from the steaming monsoon streets of mcleodgang and naddi, or a plate of maggi and a suntan on top of the triund hill watching the mountains changing color, one never returns without a souvenir even if it is in memory if not in material.

And if the common nuances of a hill station aren’t one’s cup of tea, they might find their refuge in places like the tea gardens of Chilgari or monasteries of norbulingka, bir and gopalpur, which is also where thearduous and rustic pilgrimage to aadihimanichamunda begins. Their serenity,if its to be presented in metaphor, is chicken soup for the soul.

Take a walk along the shores of pong dam with migratory birds in pong dam or drive through the narrow forest roads up to the ancient monolithic masrur temple in the warmer parts of the valley and it all falls into place.

Dharamsala- the abode of many spirits, all in all is an itinerant’s dreams. For its dynamic skies and even more versatile nooks, each day here is a new gamut of adventure!

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