Places to Visit in Chamba

Chamba, the place often heard in famous Himachali songs is actually a paradise as described. Home to several temples, old monumental forts, spectacular lakes, awe-inspiring beauty and tranquil environment. Chamba never fails to impress it’s travellers.


Places to visit/ things to do:


Chamba – on the banks of Ravi, Chamba really emerges out as a very beautiful place. Some of it’s amazing places to see are enlisted below :



1. Bhuri Singh Museum – Located near to Chaugan in the heart of town Bhuri Singh Museum was founded in 1908. The museum initially started with paintings by Raja Bhuri Singh but now it’s main highlights are carved wooden doors, miniature paintings, paintings from basholi school, embroidered rumal(handkerchief), copper coins and weapons that portrays the local ancient culture of Chamba.



2. Akhand Chandi Palace – Best place to overlook chougan, Sui Mata Mandir, Rang Mahal, Laxmi Narayan temple and Bansigopal temple. Akhand chandi palace is best combination of Mughal and British architecture. The entire premises are divided in three segments, with sloping roofs for the easy shedding of snow.



3. Rang Mahal – One of largest monument in Chamba, Rang Mahal is again perfect blend of Mughal and British architecture. Rang mahal has now taken place of a Himachal emporium and is famous for shopping. The emporium offers beautiful handmade goods, embroidery work by local women’s. Also this place is popular for it’s unique embroidery on silk fabrics.



4. Bharmour – just at 62 kms from Chamba, Bharmour is an amazing town with it’s green lush mountains. Also known as Shiv-bhumi or Shiv-Sathan. Chaurasi temple, Bharmani mata temple, Banni mata temple, Kartikey Temple, Kugti wildlife sanctuary, Sathali waterfall, Hadsar waterfall, Thala waterfall isn’t it almost enough. Well if it’s still not then Bharmour have the Manimahesh trek. Manimahesh is one of most prominent Shiva Temple in India. Also known as kailash. Manimahesh lake is itself a soothing place and a adventurous trek.

Khajjiar Lake is situated in Khajjiar, in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.
Khajjiar Lake is situated in Khajjiar, in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.




Festivals/fairs of Chamba:


Well all over Himachal you will find amazing festivals and fairs wherever you travel. It can either be International Renuka fair, Kullu dussehra of Kullu or Minjar fair of Chamba. Well if you are fond of traditional fairs and festivals Minjar is one which you must have heard of. Minjar is state festival started by Raja Sahil Varman. In this festival God of Rain is worshiped in month of August. Maize, flowers, fruits, coins and coconuts are commonly offered things during Minjar. Except Minjar, Subhimela, Baishakimela, Nag panchmi and Bharmaurjatra fair are some other fairs of Chamba.



Shopping In Chamba:


From some government handicrafts at Rang Mahal to Chamba Honey. Chamba includes good range of shawls, chappals, leather works and it’s ever famous rumal embroidery.



Places to eat:


 A good foodie looks for food and what else!

Following is list of amazing places to fill your tummy with:

  • Cafe Ravi View
  • Bon-appetite bakes and fries fast food restaurant
  • Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhabha with Himachali rasoi & Baskin-Robbins
  • Mongas Cafe and definitely the ever loved Coffee from Barista.


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